By Mushogenshin

Anastomia is a resource we wished had existed when we first learned Animal Anatomy

Although it’s widely accepted among artists, and also scientifically correct, to conceive that the human body and a mammalian body – say that of a lion, or of a horse – physiologically have a lot in common, when one just gets started with drawing animals it’s not rare to experience a long period of time where she/he struggles with reconciling all the visual differences between the anatomically corresponding body parts across species. We make this remark after observing what we went through ourselves: our team consists of several artists who had had decent amount of both training and practice on drawing/sculpting the human body prior to getting their first hands on drawing animals, and each’s transition wasn’t without hiccups nevertheless. A couple years of consistent self-learning went by, and when we sat down to think about a couple things that could have helped us along our journeys, we gradually designed a mobile app.

Continuing the great tradition set forth by the classic books on artistic animal anatomy – those by Ellenberger, Goldfinger, Bammes, for example – we aim to take advantages of the computational luxury everyone is having on a modern mobile device to display in side-by-side 3D viewports the models we meticulously sculpted in order to serve as hopefully an effective way to familiarize oneself with comparative anatomy. And that was how we started ANASTOMIA, where the project’s name is a porte-manteau between ANATOMY and ANASTOMOSIS.

Coming soon (October 2021):

  • Full version available on iOS (both iPhone and iPad)
  • Lite version available on Android

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